Samsung NX Galaxy

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Chiếc máy ảnh Galaxy NX là chiếc máy ảnh thế hệ ống kính rời cài đặt Android 4, có thể cài chương trình vào máy để chụp xong là chỉnh ảnh ngay, có thể mở youtube, nghe nhạc, wifi, cài sim chạy internet. Nhưng vẫn có thể cho ra tấm ảnh đẹp với hệ ống kính NX hay qua ngàm chuyển để sử dụng các len MF. Phù hợp với bạn nào thích nguyên cứu về kỹ thuật nhiếp ảnh nhưng vẫn còn cảm giác sử dụng của dt thông minh

The Samsung Galaxy NX is the company's second attempt at putting Android on a camera, building on the point-and-shoot Galaxy Camera. This time the company went with a mirrorless design, but it's as much held back by its Android operating system as it is helped by it.


The Galaxy NX features the same 20-megapixel image sensor and processing engine as our Editors' Choice NX300, and the same large touch screen and Android functionality as the Galaxy Camera.


As much as we appreciate Samsung's ambition, the Galaxy NX lacks the physical controls that serious photographers expect, and is priced high enough to deter more casual shooters.


The Galaxy NX is a peculiar device in the Android world, much like the Galaxy Camera before it. Its oversized display puts it firmly in smartphone territory, but the camera's heft and design make it strictly a two-handed device.


The NX is running Android 4.2.2 with Samsung's familiar TouchWiz styling throughout. You get three home screens to start, but they're limited to 4-by-4 grids, so you have less room for app shortcuts and widgets.


There aren't a lot of physical controls of which to speak. There's one dial on the rear of the top plate. It can scroll left or right (it doubles as the volume control for Android apps), and it can be pushed in to select functions.


The rear display is huge. It's a 4.8-inch panel, the same as you'll find on the point-and-shoot Galaxy Camera.

Studio Scene

We used the Galaxy NX to photograph our standard studio test scene using the 18-55mm lens.

Studio Scene (100 Percent Crop)

This 100 percent center crop is from the 18mm lens set at 18mm f/3.5 and with the camera set to ISO 100.

ISO 100 (Crop)

This crop from our ISO test shows the level of detail you can expect from JPG images at the camera's lowest ISO.

ISO 6400 (Crop)

The Galaxy NX keeps noise under 1.5 percent through ISO 6400, a slightly better result than what we saw with the NX300.

ISO 25600 (Crop)

The top ISO is 25600, but as you can see from this crop, image detail is poor when the camera is pushed that far.

ISO 12800 (Raw Crop)

At ISO 12800 Raw image is a bit noisier, but still impressive in quality, but at the JPG engine wipes away a bit too much detail at that ISO for our tastes.